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Presentations to conference cover social security topics

Our research team made a series of presentations to this year's Social Policy Association conference 7-9 July. Here are the slides and brief descriptions from the sessions.

Lessons on entitlement and adequacy in the UK social security system

Dr Dan Edmiston, University of Leeds

This presentation considers questions of entitlement and adequacy in the UK social security system and what impact this has on the rate and profile of poverty. Synthesising the findings from across our project so far, the presentation provides a detailed picture of the changing financial security of those seeking public assistance to develop an understanding of how the benefits system currently works in practice - in particular, how basic needs are often traded off against one another by certain claimants and their wider networks over time.

SPA WASD Presentation DE
Download PDF • 1.68MB

Was the furlough scheme part of "the benefits system"?

Dr David Robertshaw, University of Leeds

Having supported over 11 million jobs within its first year, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) or ‘furlough’ has been one of the most prominent and expensive national policy responses to COVID-19 in the UK. But to what extent has furlough been understood as distinct from the wider social security system? And how do attitudes towards CJRS relate to perceptions of the wider social security system and claimant experiences of stigma?

SPA Presentation DR
Download PDF • 355KB

Covid exceptionalism? Attitudes towards claiming working age benefits during the pandemic

Dr Kate Summers, London School of Economics

The pandemic has been viewed as a key moment for policy change – the idea seeming to be that the unprecedented conditions of the pandemic set the scene/create the space for unprecedented types and scale of change. But should the pandemic be considered as a hiatus in terms of social security policymaking, or as a watershed moment? By looking at the accounts of claimants themselves we can begin to understand what it felt like to be a claimant during the pandemic.

Covid exceptionalism - SPA 2021. Kate Summers
Download PDF • 781KB

For more detail on our research findings, see our publications pa


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