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Solidarity in a crisis: our event video

Many thanks to all those who joined our research event Solidarity in a crisis? Trends in attitudes to benefits during COVID-19 on 2 September. The event marked the launch of our major new report and featured team members Dr Ben Baumberg Geiger and Dr Rob de Vries from the University of Kent, and Dr Kate Summers from the London School of Economics - all ably chaired by Professor Peter Taylor Gooby of the University of Kent.

Watch the event video on YouTube

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James Simpson
James Simpson
17. Sept. 2021

This shows why the campaign to keep the £20 uplift in Universal Credit failed. Not enough of the Great British Public believes that people on benefits deserve them. I'm not sure if there were another way to persuade more people to support a more substantial benefits system, given the relentless contempt for the working poor displayed by most of the corporate media and both political parties.

Gefällt mir
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