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Project gives evidence on world of work

Dr Jo Ingold from our project management team gave evidence to the Commons Work & Pensions Committee on 4 November. The committee invited her to give oral evidence to its ongoing inquiry into the DWP’s preparation for changes in the world of work. Among the issues Dr Ingold raised were:

  • Digital access: with libraries and other public places closed during the pandemic, some people struggle to get online. Others may have a smartphone but not enough data on it to complete job search activity.

  • The gig and platform economy: this fast growing sector poses challenges for the social security system.

  • The dwindling role of contributory benefits: some of those whose health has been affected during the pandemic could not get support.

  • Employability and skills: there is an urgent need to join up employability and skills programmes with the business sector. Labour market intelligence must be developed to support the economic recovery.

View Dr Ingold’s evidence on parliament tv and read her blog about it in FE News

More about the DWP’s inquiry

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